What’s new this week in the world of personal goals, learning, experts, mentors and support networking?


1. Get a good nights sleep - It must have been a tough weekend for lots of people out there. This morning users have been flocking to an article on the City Health Network offering them 10 top sleep tips for a better nights rest. Make sure you have a quick read.


2. New Expert Fitness Trainer - This week we are welcoming VC Fitness to our extended network.  Run by Alan O’Mahony, VC Fitness is the newest sponsor of the fitness support network.

Personal training expert Alan O’Mahony of VC Fitness leads our sports and fitness network experts. Alan brings vast knowledge of performance sports, injury recovery, fitness training , nutrition and fitness programmes. You can read more about Alan O’Mahony’s background here.

Personal training expert Alan O'Mahony of VC Fitness


3.  Earn extra cash from home. With the upcoming launch of the Free Top Succeed – 1000 chances for young people project, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Quiddoo.com.

Quiddoo.com is an online marketplace for quality micro services, starting at £5.  Quiddoo are passionate about helping people from all walks of life succeed and their online platform is an excellent fit with the Free to Succeed project.

Quiddoo.com helps people work from home to earn extra cash


4.  Personal and Professional Growth - Continuing our work and careers theme we are pleased to confirm Wireless Tiger as the most recent corporate sponsor of one of our networks. Wireless Tiger’s NLP Courses for Personal and Professional Growth transform participants lives.

Through our work, education and career development networks we are now working closely with NLP experts, Wireless Tiger to create new opportunities and advice for people aiming to develop their careers.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for expert advice, career tips and course offers from Wireless Tiger.


5. Health and Wellbeing offers – City Health Network sponsor, Lifted Therapy are sharing their expert tips and advice with people who live and work in cities around the UK.  If you are in the London area you may be interested in booking a visiting hairdressing, beauty treatment or massage therapy online and claiming 20% off the normal cost.

Lifted Therapy provide visiting hairdressing, beauty and massage services to homes in Greater London. Book online at www.liftedtherapy.co.uk





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