What could you offer for £5

One of the most asked questions online is “How can I make more money?”

Whether you are someone looking for additional work, someone trying to get started on their own, a student or parent working from home who has tried to make money online you may have found it is not as easy as you first thought.

Starting too big is one of the main reasons for failure.

There are a few online freelance networks already out there, but a new service from www.quiddoo.com breaks things down into micro jobs called “Stints” that are priced at £5 each. This gives you a much better chance of succeeding

You can add these together for bigger jobs – two stints equals £10 etc – but the micro element of this site makes it hard for a buyer to say no.

Give it a try. Decide what type of service could you offer for £5 and when you are ready add your own “Stint”


quiddoo.com sponsor the Free to Succeed – 100 chances for young people project.


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