Ten networks that are helping people find help and make new connections online

Finding help, advice and support online for life’s questions, problems, challenges and goals has become the norm for people of all ages and backgrounds.

The quality of information and connections that people find online usually links to their own ability to sort through the thousands of pages of matching results and filter the good from the bad. But this is changing.

A new set of supportive networks  provides members with access to learning materials,  opportunities, expert resources, offers, deals and latest news.

Take a look at some of the leading free supportive social networks, projects and campaign sites that are helping people with a range of different needs and requirements to find assistance, deals, information and new connections online:


Support Networks

Gym access available from the fitness support network


Artists Support Network = Supporting artists, ideas, projects and arts campaigns

Young and aspiring artist can use this free arts support network to create new connections, ask questions, find artist mentors and resources to turn their artistic projects, ideas and aims into reality.


Bereavement Support NetworkHelping people and families who feel isolated or alone due to bereavement.

The Bereavement Support Network is for people and families living with bereavement and grief. The support network connects people to professional support services and enables families and friends to request help and assistance specific to their individual needs. The network brings people with shared experiences together.


Care Support NetworkWorking together to ensure people receive the best possible social care and patient support.

This network helps people find suitable elderly care, patient care, support services and facilities to make the transition to care services, or assisted living facilities, a positive experience for everyone involved.


Career Development Network – A career support network for people of all ages looking to improve their prospects.

The Career Development Network enables  people to make their own work experience, apprenticeship and training requests for employers to respond to. It  gives everyone the opportunity to find their own career mentors and build their own personal network of support.


Disability Support NetworkA supportive social network for people and families living with disability.

The disability support network connects people in need of support to peers, professionals, organisations and services based on the help and support they request. This network encourages people to request help and assistance specific to their individual needs and personal ambitions.


Fitness Support NetworkFind fitness support, deals, expert guides, opportunities and fitness news.

Members receive unique offers and fitness deals from fitness organisations and experts. Anyone can create their own personal requests for help from  peers or professionals help them overcome issues or achieve a specific fitness goal.


Pain and Injury Support NetworkFind help to recover from pain and injuries, and prevent future occurrences.

This support network connects members to experts, advice, resources and deals to help people with injuries or chronic recover and prevent recurrences of injuries.

The network also support people experiencing persistent, long lasting, long-term, or recurrent pain.


Deal Networks

Wrapped up gifts for members joining a network

City Health NetworkDiscover health and wellbeing deals and advice for people living or working in a city.

The main aims of the City Health Network are to help people find health solutions to help you cope with the negative physical effects of living or working in a city. Members receive regular health and wellbeing tips, useful resources, great savings and special offers from our partners.


Grow Your Business Network – Find mentoring, deals, networking opportunities and support to help your business grow.

Business support network to develop business ideas, overcome problems, source services and connect members to mentors and other experts.


Ethical Business NetworkA network for ethical people, businesses, entrepreneurs and ideas.

The Ethical Business Network helps people find and get in touch with ethical businesses, rewards businesses for doing good. Members are encouraged to take an ethical approach to all elements of their business to improve their bottom line through expert advice, deals and promotion of ethical activities.


Youth Sports NetworkUnique sporting opportunities, deals and support for young individuals involved in sport.

The Youth Sports Network brings unique sporting opportunities and chances to young people in the UK regardless of background or location. The network gets people involved in sport and helps them through the ups and downs of training and competition. The network is closely moderated.


Sustainability Network – Assistance, support and deals to help people live sustainably, protect the environment and save money

Find deals, offers, advice, experts and acknowledgment to be green, leave a carbon-free footprint, lead a sustainable existence and save money on your bills.


Campaign Networks

Circle of people and actic ice site


Books and reading support networks – Reading inspiration and book ideas for readers of all ages and interests.

This network helps, encourages and celebrates young readers. Regular book deals and rewards are offered to encourage and support readers. Regular campaigns, challenges, projects and giveaways are shared with members of the networks.


Symptoms Awareness Network raising early awareness of life threatening and dangerous illness and disease.

The symptoms awareness network is run in partnership with selected organisations and charities to promote symptom awareness and increase early diagnosis levels.


Safety Awareness CampaignRaising awareness of common dangers affecting individuals and families.

The Safety Awareness Network addresses common  dangers affecting individuals and families.  Joining the network is a simple way for families and children to find out about current dangers in their area and remove unnecessary risks from their everyday lives. Members receive unique offers and deals.


Technology Time Campaign – Aiming to reduce screen time on mobile phones, internet browsing, social networks, games consoles and TV.

How long do you or your family spend staring at screens? The Technology Time campaign provides simple tips and incentives to reduce screen time spent on mobile phones,  internet browsing, social networks, games consoles and watching television. Deals include activities and pursuits not connected to technology.


Support Projects

Boy reading magical book

Free to Succeed  – 1000 chances for young people

This project gives everyone the chance to do well, irrespective of their beginnings.

In a fair society everybody has the right to succeed. Ability, effort and ambition should count, not the school you went to, your parent’s jobs, who you know or where you live.  No one should be prevented from fulfilling their potential by the circumstances of their birth but people are. This networking project utilises our other support networks to bring help and assistance to people who need it most.



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