Living with Change

We are excited to announce a new initiative starting in January 2014 to support people experiencing isolation, loneliness and other practical issues caused by life changing events.

When critical circumstances change life can feel as though it has been turned upside down. How people find strength to cope and move through times of change differs from person to person.  

A person’s ability to cope and overcome adversity and change is commonly linked to the level of support they receive from friends, family, peers and professionals.

Add My Support’s new project is focusing on support services in three major areas: health (serious injury and illness), elderly care needs (assisted living and moving into care) and living with bereavement (coping with loss.)

Although there are some excellent support services focusing on the immediate aftermath of such events they frequently fail to provide effective ongoing support beyond the initial period of assistance as people adapt to the longer term and lifetime affects.

If you would like to get involved in this project personally or professionally please get in touch with us.

More information to follow…


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