Youth Talent Project Seeking Ambitious Young People

Add My Support Ltd, a local organisation that supports young people, is seeking young people aged 13 to 24 to take part in a 12 month support project.

When you have a goal to achieve, a desire to learn something or a problem to overcome it helps to have the right people on your side.

Unlike other support schemes aimed at young people this project is run remotely (from your home or youth club) and we will ensure you always remain in control.

Image from One World Youth Project

We just provide you with the platform and extra support where it’s needed. If you ever find you have hit a brick wall or feel like you are going off track this is where we can step up the effort and ensure you get the right support at the right time.

Because we can showcase how people and organisations are helping you (and others like you) we can arrange unique opportunities that are otherwise difficult, if not impossible, to find on your own.

The free support scheme connects young people taking part to experts, resources, organisation and unique opportunities to help them achieve goals, learn new skills or overcome challenges.

To get started you need to be clear about what they want to achieve (even if this changes later on.)  Once this is identified we will support you in a variety of ways including sourcing new expert support, providing unique experiences and training, providing resources and skills, and giving you a platform to share their journey.

In each of our main areas we are looking for 7 young people with goals or needs, as follows:

  • 7 young people interested in sports or fitness.
  • 7 young people interested in drama or dance
  • 7 young people interested in business or careers
  • 7 young people interested in writing a book (or reading challenges)
  • 7 young people interested in art or design
  • 7 young people interested in technology
  • 7 young people interested in music
  • 7 young people interested in community or campaigns

(Why 7? Well everyone likes the number seven and it gives us the benefit of finding group offers and opportunities, while still ensuring we can work personally supporting each person on an individual basis.)

So if that’s got you interested the next step is to contact us telling us about your goal, desire to learn or a challenge you hope to overcome.

Remember there are limited spaces available so don’t wait too long.

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