The bowel cancer symptoms challenge

Please support the Learn the Bowel Cancer Symptoms Campaign.

Following the success of the Bowel cancer campaign we ran on our blogging site we have moved the Bowel Cancer Symptoms campaign to its own campaign site and now need your support to learn the symptoms and help spread the word.

If you’ve had blood in your poo or looser poo for 3 weeks, your doctor wants to know. Chances are it’s nothing to worry about, but these bowels symptoms could be signs of bowel cancer, so tell your doctor. Finding bowel cancer early makes it more treatable and could save your life.

Other bowel cancer symptoms include; a pain or lump in your tummy, feeling more tired than usual for some time, losing weight for no obvious reason

You’re not wasting anyone’s time by getting your bowels symptoms checked out and, if it’s not serious, your mind will be put at rest. However, if it turns out to be a condition such as bowel cancer, early detection can make all the difference. Over 90% of those diagnosed with early stage bowel cancer are successfully treated. A trip to your doctor’s surgery could save your life.

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